We just caught up with Spotify's chief content officer Ken Parks outside of his "Future of Music" panel here at SXSW, and he told us that Spotify family plans are "definitely coming." That would fulfill a longstanding request from Spotify users and provide an alternative to Rdio's family plan offering, but Ken wouldn't say when it would happen or talk pricing details. He did say that he's currently paying for three accounts in his own house, and that the broader goal is to "get more people to spend in a household," so he's got both personal and professional reasons to make it happen soon.

For comparison's sake, Rdio's family plan is $17.99 per month for two users and $22.99 for three, with additional sub-accounts billed at full price. That's not bad, but we're hoping Spotify decides to do better — and with Rdio's major new redesign rolling out today, it seems like the next few months could see quite the battle for streaming music supremacy.