Android ads: Why must everything be like Terminator or transformers?

first off before you all flame me, I own an android phone. HTC Rezound. Love the thing but what I don't get is why in many android ads you have robots killing each other. Phones turning in to zyborgs and shit. I don't need to show you because we've all seen them. Now of course I know exactly what they are promoting but not everyone does. Some may ask if they are still on the channel they've been watching while others may ask if this is some movie trailer

Apple on the other hand shows the product in use, but I think it doesn't really show it being used in the real world. Its mostly always chroma key with a white screen and some guys hand.

HTC You Campaign TV Commercial - You Are Different From You (via HTC)

This of course is from HTC. The 60 second extended version of the "you" campaign. What I like about it, besides the good beat is that it shows REAL PEOPLE using the phone in REAL LIFE SITUATIONS. Working late, missing her kids. Hanging with friends. snaping photos at a concert. Walks along the beach with your significant other. Missing your significant other etc. Things we can ALL relate to. Unless you are Shia LaBeouf I don't think your phone will turn in to a zyborg and start killing people.

Anyone else out there who thinks android ads need to get a bit more erm I don't know HUMAN?