The Verge: Car Tech?

I had a random thought while over on a forum post about Mustang vs Camaro. I think there should have a Car Tech Forum/section on this site. When I look at something like Gaming, alot of the things that are reviewed and looked at through various gadgets and user interface effect things like games, gaming consoles, and things of that nature. The same can be said for Auto. Now obviously I am a little biased as I'm a bit of a car nut as well but, even when I look at something like Cnet's Car Tech, it makes sense. Cars have been for the longest starting to become the biggest gadgets.

Alot of tech in our phones and even tablets have come into how these various companies build their vehicles. I think it would be cool of one of the editors here that was really passionate about autodom focused on car tech, reviews, how it relates to these companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google. There is actually alot there. BMW was among the first to headline ipod intergration in their cars. Many companies like Audi intergrate Google Maps and Search on their MMI interface. Ford and Microsoft worked very closely when they 1st started developing SYNC, they even had Zune intergration in their vehicles.

It's not as big as a jump as it might seem to be perfectly honest. And when I look at something like Tesla, their electric tech, that huge 17 inch touchscreen, there is alot that goes into that. And I just think it would be interesting on many level to see what different editors on this site would think about Cars and Car Tech. Ok. I'm Done.


(ok almost but this is an example of what I'm talking about)

Brian Cooley (Cnet Car Tech)