Double Fine broke the $400,000 goal for its Kickstarter-funded adventure game project in less than twelve hours back in February, but the money's kept rolling in since then. The project finally ended a few minutes ago, though, and Tim Schafer's studio managed to raise $3,335,130 all in from 87,130 backers. The total includes $40,000 from four backers who paid for lunch with Schafer and a tour of the studio, but the most popular option was unsurprisingly the $15 choice which nets a DRM-free download of the game for PC, Mac, or Linux upon its release. The game is also scheduled to hit Android and iOS, presumably at a later date as there wasn't any mention of mobile versions in the funding options. Since the final total was so far beyond the original goal, the money will go towards translating the game into more languages, improving the audio budget, producing a documentary and more.

Update: The final total has gone up a couple of times since the project ended, so calculations are probably still going on behind the scenes for the last few pledges. Right now it's at $3,335,325, and we'll update with a final number once the dust has settled.

Update 2: Around six hours on from the project's end, the total is $3,336,371.