Free Energy Suppresion: do you believe in it, and could Apple STOP it?


This is a political and social discussion as much as tehcnological (and economical).

After reading this latest verge article I'm just frustrated at why, such simple things like battery and storage technology, in all these decades, have not advanced in the market at the same rates as micro-processing, displays, miniaturization etc?

For a while I have believed in Free energy suppression. I didn't spend much time preparing this post but I just wanted to put some thoughts out there and maybe a really great discussion can occur. I could give dozens of links and case studies and arguments but I'll let you follow them from the wikipedia article (and your own googling) and just produce a few now.

- Why hasn't this 100TB storage technology happened yet?

- Or why hasn't the amazing 100TB holographic disc technoogy ever happened? I have known about that site for at least 8 years! The original physorg article is here. Why won't anyone buy this guy's patents and technology?

- Then there's the water-powered engine, which I've known about for years and if you look it up it looks like at least one invention was real and not a hoax. It was just suppressed.

- And why hasn't wireless power, discovered by Tesla over 100 years ago, hapened? (that one's an easy one!)

If you read physorg all the time like I did years ago, you see that with RAW technological development, on ALL sides - in ALL areas, innovation and discovery is occuring. Discoveries that can truly revolutionise storage and power.

This raw technological progress/rate of discovery is a VERY different thing to what actually makes it out into the market. It has to go through the filter of ECONOMICS and so the real world progress is far from what it could be.

Doesn't this kill you inside?

I solidly believe the establishment is not allowing disruptive technologies to come that hurts their current position of power and wealth and influence. They're so greedy (and paranoid about losing that money - aka power?), they're not even allowing it to slowly come in. it's happening at snail's pace, it's just current technology either completely stalled, or painfully being refined.

BTW I would call myself a moderately skeptic, conspiracy-'curious' individual. Maybe within the range of the average person, believing that JFK was assasinated by the government, not sure about the moon hoax (I do think it was real), and uh yeah, I think David Icke was smoking something to come up with his career-generating theories.

Anyway: I KNOW the world is corrupt, that people are corrupt, so free energy suppression doesn't surprise me. And neither should it you. We all know how controlling and greedy the FBI and CIA and white house administration etc etc are, the question *I'm* interested in, is, is it possible to fight against these forces and bring about the change we want?


So in comes Apple. Could they be the ones to bring about the next TRUE major revolution that happens in technology? It's all tied in with economics, and Apple is a phenomenon economically as well as tehcnologically. Could they do a revolution - they're known for those things!

They have $90 B in cash just sitting there (and it's only going to rise what with 65 million iPads being predicted to be sold this year). And it's not whether that's enough money for R&D to revolutionise storage or power - it's way more than enough. It's about how much political leverage they have compared to the big bad oil companies and banks (the ones who 'run it all').

Money is what is powerful in this world - money is power. Apple are increasingly powerful as a body, and their secrecy/own brand of control/inner beauracracy and government-level security doesn't bother me, and would only possibly benefit this idea for them to fight against the particular establishment that's causing free energy suppression.

Now I DON'T believe that there's just ONE, 'all-powerful' group of people and companies (and under that, governments), who control the whole world - often, it's clash of the titans - look at how Google (and rest of silicon valley) fought against the heavyweights of the content industry (Murdoch et al) over SOPA and so forth. Both groups have financial interests on their own sides, so they were divided in that particular case.

And maybe google could be a candidate for this too. They became a power broker and started taking ownership and control of their own power, in 2009. I'd love to see technology companies become as important as power companies. And I think and hope that it is heading in that direction.

What are your thoughts. Could Apple do it or am I a dreamer?

I hope an interesting discussion will happen with dozens of major points and ideas, that little me, didn't think of myself. Hope you found this interesting.