Windows 8 Is Aiming at Tablets and Ultrabooks (So leave the Desktops at Home)

Okay people stop torturing your parents, grandparents, and dogs to the Consumer Preview and consider this for a moment; Windows 8 isn't for your sweet multi-monitor setup; its for a tablet. The desktop that's in Win8 is there for when you need/want it (no compromise=user choice). You can't use Windows 8 like you have done every consecutive version of Windows since XP; Metro applications are not meant to be used like applications on a desktop. I know what Microsoft said but lets get real; Windows 8 purpose is to get a better product out there for tablets. I'm not saying you should like or that you should stop fighting to get features in. I'm just saying the purpose of Windows 8 isn't for you to have a better desktop experience its for you to have a good Windows tablet.

So to repeat; Windows8=Tablets and Ultrabooks Consumer Preview=Beta

Have a Good Day and enjoy Technology