It was only late October when Digg founder Kevin Rose announced Oink, the first app from Milk, but now the company has revealed it is shutting down the service after less than five months on the market. According to the Oink homepage, the app was Milk's first "test" and the company is moving on to other projects, so the app is being shut down to "help focus [Milk's] efforts." Oink was a recommendation service that let people rate the best "things" at a location, not just the location itself — like a more granular version of Yelp — but apparently this project isn't where Milk will find its fortunes.

As for its abandoned users, they can download their reviews and data from the Oink website, which will be shut down on March 31st. It's not clear if users can still rate and review things on Oink; we reinstalled the app (which is no longer available on the App Store) today but couldn't get to a login screen. We'll see if the rapid abandonment of an app that seemed to hold some promise affects Milk's future ventures — users who put time into Oink might not be so likely to spend time with Milk's apps again.