Toshiba's 7.7mm Excite 10 LE (aka AT200) may be the thinnest 10-inch Android tablet on the market, but it won't hold that title for long: Archos is building a 7.6mm thin Android 4.0 slate called the G10 XS. According to journalists in attendance at the device's unveiling today, the company wouldn't share the tablet's internal specifications at all, but kept the presentation focused on the exceptionally slim design — which reportedly may still have a plastic shell around its "high-tensile," "paper-thin" steel frame, according to the translations. There will also be an Asus Transformer-like keyboard dock available for the tablet, which doesn't appear to add a great deal of additional girth: according to an image at Ubergizmo, the combination is only 12mm thick in total, about the same as the new iPad with Apple's Smart Cover on top. Though reports vary slightly, we're hearing the tablet between €200 and €400 (roughly $260-$520 in US currency) when it arrives alongside two new waves of cheaper models at some unspecified point in the future.