Why I'm not complaining about the Nexus S ICS update

The internet seems to be exploding with hatred for google over the nexus S ICS update.

If you have somehow not noticed, it goes like this: Google started an OTA for the Tmobile version of the NS back in december, but it had some nasty battery life issues, so they pulled it pretty quickly and haven't really said anything since. <sarcasm> Clearly, they don't care about you and want you to just shut up and buy a Galaxy Nexus. If they could, they would rather pay android engineers to come over to your house and kick your dog, instead of working on the ICS update.This is a lot of the same as what we heard about when the Nexus One's gingerbread update was delayed. Google clearly doesn't care about previous generation devices and isn't going to update them, because they're really mean.


Or maybe they don't want to break your phone.

Go back in time about a year and call up your friend who has a nexus S. Hilariously enough, their phone will reboot and drop the call, pretty much right away, and pretty much every time. This and a whole bunch of other bugs made the nexus S totally useless for a little while. Until 2.3.3 came out, our flagship phones were a pretty bad experience. The 2.3.3 release fixed a whole bunch of the bugs, and whaddya know? It also came to the nexus One at the same time, and then the nexus One got all the other point upgrades as they were released, exactly when nexus S users got them.

What seems get most people upset is that the sensation and galaxy S2 are getting an update to 4.0.3 in some markets as I write this. If you're jealous, remember that when 4.0.4 (or whatever) comes with a host of bugfixes and NS compatibility, you'll get it prompty, those users who are gloating now will still be 'stuck' with 4.0.3 for a very long time, probably forever. Ditto with 4.0.5 and 4.0.6 and 4.0.7 and so on all the way to 4.0.INFINITY (or whatever), the nexus S and Galaxy nexus will get the new releases right away, everyone else, not so much.

Google's support for our nexus phones is unrivaled. They aren't going to push out an update with nasty bugs just to please crackflashers who can't stand to be out of date. They're going to push out an update that makes your phone better, and they won't 'do it until they know the update will actually make your phone better.

If you desperately need an ICS update, root your phone. You have a phone with a wonderful and inviting unlocked bootloader. If you care enough to whine, you care enough to type fastboot OEM unlock, and accept all the bugs that'll come along for the ride.

For most users, this phone is a phone and it damn well has to work.

So yeah, lets join the rest of the internet and shout in all caps FUCK YOU GOOGLE FOR NOT BREAKING OUR PHONES!!!!!1!! Or just relax and remember what its like to have one of the best android phones on the market.