If you're a user of the FlipShare video site that Cisco will be discontinuing (there's no need for it after the company killed Flip cameras last year), private video-sharing site Givit wants your business. Givit launched a beta back in November, but now the site is coming out of beta and offering FlipShare users the ability to migrate their entire account to Givit. After creating a free Givit account, users are prompted to enter their FlipShare credentials, at which point you can chose to port over your videos only or opt for a "full migration" — this copies over your contacts, comments, shares, and videos and also notifies your friends on FlipShare that you're using a new service. Givit founder and CEO Greg Kostello let us know that Givit worked directly with Cisco to enable this service, so users' content should get moved over without incident. FlipShare users should have good incentive to migrate, too — as of now, any video you upload to FlipShare will be deleted after 30 days, though the service itself will remain open until the end of 2013.


Of course, Givit isn't only targeting former FlipShare users with its service — anyone can sign up for a free account and upload videos that are up to 1GB in size in a wide variety of formats. Once uploaded, videos can be shared, and that's where Givit's fairly robust privacy options come into play. Videos can be shared with individuals or with groups, and those recipients can comment and have conversations with you on the videos you've shared. But if you happen to share a video with two different groups, they can only see commentary from those in that specified group. YouTube, on the other hand, allows you to mark videos as private but doesn't have the same level of granular control and group functionality. The only downside to Givit's privacy features is that anyone you share video with is required to have a Givit account to view your videos.

Givit also has dedicated Android and iOS apps (including one optimized for the iPad) for users to view videos on the go; you can also upload and share video straight from your device. And if you're the kind of user who needs more space, Givit has three premium packages: 10GB, 25GB, or 50GB can be had for $29.99, $49.99, or $99.99 per year. While we imagine most users will stick with services like YouTube and Facebook for uploading videos, those who are serious about having a dedicated video site and want to be selective about who they distribute content to will likely appreciate Givit's features... especially if they're a former FlipShare user.