Dish Network unveiled its new Joey and Hopper DVR boxes in a pun-filled CES presentation, and they're now available for order on Dish's website. The Hopper (XiP813) — the main unit — has a 750MHz processor, three tuners, Bluetooth (for wireless headphones), picture-in-picture, and 2TB of internal storage that can pack up to 250 hours of HD or 1,000 hours of SD content. The Hopper's flagship feature is PrimeTime Anytime, which uses one of the tuners to record prime-time content from ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC Nightly, which basically creates an on-demand library that's stored for eight days. Customers can also use a Sling Adapter to control and view shows remotely, and watch HD content and control their DVR with up to three multiroom Joey boxes. Dish says that the system is available through the Dish lease program, and new customers who subscribe to its "America's Top 200" or "DishLatino Dos" packages (or greater) can get a Hopper with up to three Joeys and installation for free — with a DVR fee of $10 per month and $7 per month for each Joey.