Need Help: PC Monitor/Main TV for small Apartment

I have been researching for a month for a solution to my conundrum.

I have a smaller studio apartment and I am looking for the perfect combination for a monitor/TV. I have a fairly potent gaming rig that I use for everything including BF3 and general gaming but I also want something I can hook my xbox to, as well watch and dvr HD cable content (Game of Thrones).

I am looking for a pretty high-spec monitor or tv: LED and between 27"-32".

I have looked into getting some high-end options Like the DELL U2711 or the HP ZR2740W, with their IPS panels and 2560x1440 resolutions because I don't want to stare at a low ppi while doing some light photo editing or writing my reports.

The issue is the smaller screen size versus a 30"(too expensive) or a 32"(only come in 1080 resolutions as far as I can tell).

Anyways, just thought I start the conversation to hear some advice, personal experiences, alternatives, or what your cat likes.