Set-Top Box Advice?

I'm trying to decide on a set-top box, but I need some assistance. I'm considering the Apple TV and Roku Box, and each seem to have pros and cons. For the Apple TV, I like that I would be able to use AirPlay to stream videos from my iPad (first generation), and I have a lot of content that I've purchased through iTunes. However, I have a PC and an Android phone, so I know I won't get the most benefits. As for the Roku box, there is a lot more content available, but I think I might be able to live off of iTunes, Netflix, and AirPlay apps only (though I do like Hulu). For someone like me, not quite in the Apple ecosystem, would it be worth it to get an Apple TV (if I plan on keeping with iTunes for media purchases), or would I get a better value from having Hulu and other extra content sources on Roku? Thank you.