Please be a smart shopper and make informed purchases

Many people find my comments upsetting. I don't mean offensive; I just upset them. Good! If we all got along and thought the same thing, that would make this place extremely boring. That said, here's something that got my blood boiling tonight and I wanted to share my opinion - with an explanation - to help you see my perspective. You can agree or disagree, that's not really the point of this post. This post is to help people think for themselves.

Let me tell you something, consumers. You don’t ask random people on the internet for car buying advice saying “I don’t want a Ford.” You construct a list of features you want in a car and filter down your choices from there, then ask people who have those cars what they think. Then maybe you even go to the dealer and test drive them. God forbid you even get in a Ford to figure out what you don’t like about them to help you realize what you are looking for. Blindly saying “I want to buy a product, but it can’t be made by this company” without explaining why makes you an unwise consumer. I’m not saying you have to buy that company’s product, but you better have a good reason why you don’t like it. Same concept goes with anything else. Plenty of people don’t like Apple. Fine. I didn’t either. Then I bought an Apple product so I could objectively make an opinion about it. Turns out, Apple makes great products. I bought more. I buy other people’s products too. But at least I can say what I like and dislike about the products. You could say that I put my man pants on.

So, consumers, don’t be unwise. Don’t get into the tablet game with your only criteria being “I don’t want an iPad because I don’t like Apple.” Just go to the Apple store and try the thing for 10 minutes, then try other tablets. Trying is free. Form an opinion based on your experience and tastes. Don’t ask random people what you should buy. Because I’ll tell you what I tell people who can’t make decisions for themselves: buy an Apple product.

At the very least, just say that you understand what I'm getting at. Don't be upset that I recommended you try an Apple product. Be upset if you feel that I called you out for not being able to form your own opinion or at least determine what you do and do not like about products as a way to make informed purchases. Then get back at me - by going out there, trying out those products, and telling me what you are looking for. That'll show me and my ego.