In another subtle expansion of the things you can do with your Google+ account, Google is now allowing users of its social service to create their very own YouTube Channels. This will be of interest to the very small subset of people that don't already have a YouTube account, but if you're among their number, Google will save you the hassle of having to create an extra username and profile — it'll just use your G+ credentials to let you post new videos, comment on others' submissions, and create playlists.

From Google's perspective, this is a very logical step toward making Google+ ubiquitous and universal to its range of web services. Users might scoff, however, at having to display their real name and profile image while commenting on YouTube. To appease them, Google will still allow the creation of pseudonymous usernames, but its default setting will be to ask if you want to expand your Google+ profile first. As to the long-requested ability to connect a YouTube account with a G+ profile, the team from Mountain View ask us to stay tuned as they'll be looking to add more features "that bring the best of Google+ to YouTube" soon.