Comments beginning to ruin The Verge experience

Quick disclaimer: I'm not talking about the quality of the comments, just how crappy using the website becomes when a post begins to generate a large number of replies. The ipad review just clocked in over 1000 comments. Up to that point, going to the post and viewing comments, replying to comments, etc. was manageable.

Now - its a complete mess. On my mac and PC, in firefox/safari/IE9 - that page either crashes, fails to load, or simply takes over 20+ seconds to properly load. Earlier, when trying to reply to a comment, my firefox process jumped up to 700k bytes in memory (from 400k) and the CPU roared up to 50%.

I assume the verge uses the same servers/backend as sports nation websites. I'm a big braves (baseball) fan, and during the season (every single game) there are game posts, where people can follow along and make comments during the game. Since the games last almost 3 hours, there are usually a couple of *thousand* comments. When it gets to that point, it does get a little intense and slow in the browser - but never horribly laggy or crashing. Certainly not when its just one thousand comments.

The worst part is, for people who are just trying to read the actual review - forget the comments - its a complete fail.