Since buying Words With Friends developer Newtoy back in 2010, Zynga has brought a few new "with friends" games to iOS and Android — the latest is Scramble With Friends, which is now available for free in the Google Play store. Much as Words With Friends copies the basic principles of Scrabble, Scramble With Friends is basically Boggle with a few twists. Each game consists of three, two-minute rounds, in which you want to spell as many words as you can with the four-by-four grid of letters you're given. The game also throws in some "power-ups" like a freeze button that gives you extra time to search for words.

Of course, this wouldn't be a Zynga game if there wasn't an in-app currency and purchases to be made. You get a free power-up every round, but to use a second costs one token, and each round you play costs a token as well. The game starts you out with a supply, but you'll blow through them pretty quickly if you get hooked — though you do get a new one ever 20 minutes. There's also the requisite Facebook integration for finding people to play against, and the game works across Android (2.2 and up) and iOS, so chances are good that you'll have some friends to play against.