Anyone else wondering what Jony Ive's been up to recently?

The release of the new iPad today got me thinking: Given the new iPhone 4S has the same industrial design as the old iPhone 4 (which came out in 2010), and the new "the new iPad" has the same design as the old iPad 2 (which came out in March 2011), what on earth has Jony Ive been working on all this time?

Assuming that the iPad 2 design was probably complete by the end of 2010, and the new iPhone won't be out until later in 2012, it seems like he's been quiet for a pretty long time (for the tech world); perhaps enough time to design something "magical"?

Was the (mild) disappointment at the 4S's and the new iPad's industrial design a necessary evil given what they're planning next? Or, perhaps, was it a result of whatever he's working on not being ready in time for those products?

I can't believe it's the launch day for the new iPad, and I'm already wondering about The-Next-Big-Thing(tm) :-)

Let rampant speculation commence!