Most all-in-one desktop computers are bulky, thick contraptions that balance on their front edge, with a secondary support sticking out of the back, or perhaps a giant foot up front. Lenovo's ThinkCentre M92z all-in-one desktop PC is the latest attempt to minimize a desktop computer's impact on your surroundings. Like Vizio's all-in-one PC, the M92z looks more like a simple monitor than an entire machine, and yet our source tells us the 20-inch and 23-inch computers will not only have Intel Ivy Bridge processors when they arrive in July, but also discrete graphics and Windows 8-ready touchscreens. We received the above image from the same source that dished on the company's "Battery Safeguard" and Windows 8 tablet timing, and so we can't be certain that details won't change, but if the report is true, you can probably also expect an M72z and an Edge 92z to arrive in July, too.