Internet Explorer 9 and 10: fuzzy fonts

So I installed W8 the other day on my Lenovo X201. Love the performance, though my machine's hardware somewhat gimps W8 (raised bezel hampers edge gestures, and my screen's resolution isn't high enough to support snapping apps).

That's fine. The reason why I don't use it more, at least in Metro mode, is the font rendering in IE10 (and IE9 on W7) is horrible!



Compared to Chrome (and from what I've read, Firefox), IE9/10's fonts are fuzzy, and not crisp. From looking around, I think it's due to IE9/10 forcing Clear Type (previous versions of IE did not do this).

I understand that other people might have a different viewpoint than my own, so hopefully MS at least gives the option to turn off Clear Type.

Anyone else feeling the same way, or know of a fix?

UPDATED with a much more clear image