If you're hesitant to upgrade from the iPad 2 to the New iPad...

I was too. Until today.

Today I went to actually go see one in person. I'll keep it simple and quick.


  • I cannot stress enough how good this screen is. Luckily, there were still iPad 2's on display. Going from the retina back to the iPad 2's display was like moving from a Rolls Royce Phantom to a Honda Civic. The screen on the iPad has always been... okay. But this screen just makes everything so much easier to read. Colors are more vivid. Text couldn't be sharper. It's the highlight.
  • It's snappier. Meh. It's not really that fast when it just comes to swiping through the homescreen and using basic apps. You will really start to notice it when it comes to games. But just through normal use, you can tell that the quad-core graphics processor and that 1 GB or RAM are really there.

The cameras are good. BUT WHO USES THE REAR CAMERA!?

  • Cons:
  • It's hefty. The thing is noticeably heavier. Just standing there holding it my arms started to feel it. The iPad 2 was like a feather. This is... like an iron feather.
  • Have fun charging it. From what I've heard, it takes several hours to charge... I usually charge mine when I sleep but if I did happen to need it while charging... I hope it can wait.
  • The apps are huge. This problem isn't exclusive to the new iPad but it is a problem worth mentioning. Because of the modifications developers have had to make, the apps have doubled, even tripled in size.

Overall, I was really impressed with the device and am putting my iPad 2 and 3rd gen. iPod touch up for sale to just get it. So if you have the money, go see one for yourself. But you'll probably be like me and go for it.