Personal iPad 3 review

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Hey fellow Verge followers, the following is my review of the New iPad, off the bat you should know I'm presently a student, but studying journalism to hopefully become a tech journalist. Now, onto the review.

To be quite frank, as much as I love Apple products until now the iPad always seemed a little half baked to me. As is often the case the second generation felt as though it should have been the first - a sleek design with faster graphics. Ultimately however they shot themselves in the foot by introducing the iPhone 4's retina display after the iPad had only been on the market for a couple of months, a phone with an insanely high res display is cool, the thought of a high res display in the tablet market was planted in the collective tech lovers brain ever since. Coming a little less than two years later, the folks over at Couportino have finally delivered, but what exactly makes the new machine tic and in the end is it really worth it?

Spoilers, yes, it is.

It's fair to say that the new "retina" display is the marquee feature of this generation of iPad and simply write it off. The iPad 2 is still on the market, cheaper than ever, and still extremely competent and if you're happy with it than living with tablet envy for a year shouldn't be too much of a hassle (look at those who bought an iPhone 3gs and have only recently upgraded.) That said though, and it's been stated by most who've reviewed it thus far, this is the best display I've ever seen. It's unreal. The difference only really becomes apparent when you begin to look at any other screen. Since this afternoon I've looked at the screens of a 20 inch iMac, 15 inch Macbook Pro, and an iPhone 4, and even the iPhone looked a little worse by comparison. Text is crisp, colors are vibrant, and at full brightness I felt as though I was manipulating paper rather than 3.1 million pixels. To demonstrate here are a few examples:


This also highlights the display difference:

All the other features in this update are supplementary to the screen, but not in the way some may view them. It would be as if you saw the Wright brothers first flight and judged it solely on seeing a plane fly rather than considering all of the technical work that went into the construction of the plane, or the physics and engineering feats performed to enable that to happen. The A5x chip is powerful enough to push all the pixels while showing no lag. The speaker is the same, button placement is the same, and this is an example of the picture quality one might get under less than stellar lighting situations:

Voice recognition works better than expected and has become almost second nature when typing. Applications already taking advantage of the new power in the iPad 3 are beautiful looking, while other apps reveal their potential and nearly beg for the higher res makeover.

For those on the fence about getting a tablet there's absolutely no reason that you should run, not walk, to pick this one up. iPad 2 owners may be hesitant, but if you can sell your iPad on eBay and afford to front the rest it's almost a no brainer, the only other vehicle I have access to that can replicate this level of sharpness are my eyes.

Now back to working on the video review, or if you have questions about the iPad post them and I'll try to answer them.