Samsung Galaxy S III rumors have been flying for the better part of 2012 so far, but an image that surfaced last night on Reddit is one of the more well-done mock-ups we've seen — though there are a few design inconsistencies that make us think this isn't the real deal. On the front view, there's a thin, almost imperceptible white border running along the bottom and up the side of the device, a detail that doesn't appear present on the side view of the phone. The volume rocker also appears to straddle the white and black halves of the device, while the power and camera buttons on the side view are clearly embedded in the white half only. There's also a calendar entry on the screen that claims there will be a Galaxy S III event on May 22nd — but we're not putting too much stock in to that date.

At a high level, though, there's a lot of details that we wouldn't be surprised to see when the Galaxy S III is finally introduced officially. The OS looks like Ice Cream Sandwich with TouchWiz, with five icons in the dock (just like the Galaxy Note) rather than the four we saw on Android 4.0 for the Galaxy S II. The hardware itself looks to be remarkably thin, similar to the Motorola Droid RAZR but without as prominent a camera hump. There's also a very minimal bezel on the left and right side of the display — while it isn't as dramatically "edge-to-edge" as we've seen in some other mock-ups, it does have one of the smallest bezels we've seen. One last detail of note is the inclusion of Weber Shandwick's logo — a PR company known to have worked with Samsung in the past. While it's too early to say whether this is the real deal, we wouldn't be disappointed if the Galaxy S III shared a lot in common with this mock-up.

Thanks acidic!