It looks like Nokia's Lumia 900 is going to have some midrange company, as a leaked image on Chinese social network Weibo purportedly shows off the not-yet official Lumia 719. We first heard the 719 name before CES, and we thought it might be announced alongside the Lumia 900 in Las Vegas. However, Nokia focused the show around its new flagship device, which is expected later this year, and the 719 didn't make an appearance.

While this might be the first glimpse we've gotten of the 719, a few other mentions of the device have popped up in the previous months. Unwired View noticed it passing through the Bluetooth Special Interest Group for certification last month, which revealed a few of the phone's details: a 3.7-inch Clear Black display, 5-megapixel camera, HD video recording, and not much else. With specs like these — and the leaked image showing off similar design cues — it seems the 719 is a straightforward step up from the Lumia 710 that launched as a midrange counterpart to the 800. The Bluetooth SIG filing also notes that the phone is destined for markets in Asia, North America, and South America, and the message on the Weibo posting makes mention of China Telecom. Considering these things, we wouldn't be surprised to see the device show up at Nokia's Chinese Lumia launch on March 28th.