Verizon is in the process of pushing out a software update for the LG Revolution, and while it won't bring Android 4.0, there is a noteworthy feature on board: a remote diagnostic tool. After applying the update, Revolution users experiencing trouble with their phone can call Verizon and have support staff remotely log in and control the handset for "troubleshooting and application demonstrations." This type of support is not unusual in the computer world, but this is the first time we've ever heard of a handset that can be controlled remotely for support purposes.

The update also brings a number of bug fixes, such as improved AVI playback over HDMI, the resolution of a display flickering issue caused from upgrading to Gingerbread, and the calendar widget will now display "the correct month for November." It seems this update will be worth downloading, but the remote diagnostic tool might make users concerned with privacy a little nervous. Even though Verizon says it will only initiate a connection at the request of a user, the whole Carrier IQ scandal might make some users want to keep any remote monitoring software off of their devices. Still, it wouldn't surprise us to see Verizon roll this feature out to more phones in future updates.