Why waste the camera on tablets?

Joshua Topolsky pinpointed the issue with the rear camera in the new iPad review; it does not matter how great of pictures a device is capable of taking if the experience is not correspondingly great. Mind you, I have never owned a tablet, but from the three I have tried (Galaxy Tab 7.7 and 10.1, and iPad 2), the camera was sufficient, but I had no impulse to take a picture, simply as I felt it was awkward to have to wave around such a large device to capture an image of a much smaller object. However, that takes me to my point. An iPad (or any 9 to 11 inch tablet) in landscape mode, or a seven inch tablet at the range required for a "retina" or otherwise sufficiently high definition viewing experience corresponds roughly with the view the camera needs to encompass the subject's face. Video-chatting seems like a natural extension of the usability of a tablet, but the incredibly poor quality of the vga front facing cameras is extremely discouraging, but adequate for the occasional use. It would seem to me that video-chatting is a much more frequented application of a tablet than the camera (source needed), and as such, the new iPad would be much more impressive with the 5 megapixel "iSight" camera for the front, and the pitiable vga camera mounted on the rear. I could already see the advertisements: "The new, resolutionary iPad: now with HD Facetime video chat". It would give an immediate response to the naysayers asking for justification for the new screen, and encourage competition from other tablet producers. Of course, maybe I am missing something. Maybe the bandwidth would be overloaded (another reason for LTE Facetime, perhaps?)? Do people even use video calling apps that often? Is it a feature coming to the next round of iPads (or Android tablets, or Windows 8 tablets)? Is there something else utterly obvious I am overlooking? Size should not have much to do with it: it should just be a swap, but as with the larger battery, I don't think an extra 1 mm would lead to huge complaints, especially since this would not add weight. I cannot think of anything right now, so if anyone feels like explaining it, or even agreeing with me, I am game.