Gaming Keyboard Alternative

It seems well known that a mouse is superior to a controller when it comes to accuracy, input lag, and control, but when it comes to using the keyboard, an analog stick seems far superior. There are three reasons for this.

1. Keyboard keys are not pressure sensitive. This means that you can't sneak like you can with an analog stick and determine how fast your character moves.

2. Keyboards offer a limited degree of movement. There are only 8 angles of movement you can perform with a keyboard, whereas an analog stick provides 360 degrees of movement.

3. Keyboards reduce the amount of usable fingers. With 3 fingers occupying the WASD layout, you only have your pinkie and thumb for simultaneous controls. An analog stick only uses your thumb.

So here is my alternative:


The Razer Nostromo would be perfect. Your thumb controls the analog stick and your fingers control the rest of the keys. But there is a major problem with this product. The 'analog stick' is just a D-pad and is not pressure sensitive. If Razer were to remake this product with a true analog stick, and perhaps add mechanical keys, this would be the perfect keyboard alternative. As I anxiously wait for this godsend of a product, I'll ask the question; what form of controller do you prefer?