Snapped view apps on Windows Phone

A lot of people seem to be going with Windows 8 apps ported as Windows Phone apps via snap view mode, but if that is the direction Microsoft is headed then they're going the wrong way. No one likes porting.

No, they need to take it a whole step further. Windows 8 on phones*, just make it all the same. Yes, the kernel is in Apollo, but what if they just had a version of Windows 8 on a phone? On a Lumia/N9 styled phone it could really work. I mean, MeeGo is a gesture heavy OS and a lot of people love it for it. So is Windows 8, and the gestures work on a phone too. Right swipe in for the charms bar, maybe make it a WebOS-styled 'just type..'/search button type of affair. A tap at the bottom for the start menu. A drag from the left for the previous app (back button), and quickly back for multi-tasking. A swipe from top to bottom and from the bottom up for additional menus, swipe down all the way to close an app. Essentially, the functions are exactly the same as Windows Phone 7.

On Windows Phone, I'm missing easy notifications access. Yes, there is the start menu, but it only shows so much information. On Windows 8, the start menu works a bit different. In such a way, that you can treat it like a custom notification centre. You just sort your tiles, and you can look for your emails or a notification for your turn on Draw Something. Due to it's panoramic nature, I find it much easier and nicer to navigate and locate tiles. They should make all apps a button though!

There are some problems to fix, sure. Desktop is out of the question and I don't think Verizon would be happy with Admin rights and full folder acces. But they'd have nothing against user (and USB!!!) accessible folders like Music/Photos/Movies/etc. (needs moar skydrive integration), which would solve problems like apps not being able to communicate on files, or if Windows 8 works with libraries like Windows 7 you can have hot-swappable microSD cards. This also makes phones PC-independent. All in one swoop.

Snap view apps already look like they work perfectly well on a phone, and merge in nicely in terms of looks with Silverlight Windows Phone apps. I just don't think there is a need to split those 2 on different platforms with the same design language. Neither should it be for Xbox, but that's another story. The point is the unification, and they could pull it off. Maybe it's what Windows 9 is gonna be. They'd have a MAJOR selling point as well; Tablet, PC and Phone apps are all one, and this is something 'ordinary', non-tech savvy people would appreciate (as they probably own or will own a PC with Windows 8).

*I know I just said; No one likes porting, let's port Windows 8! But somehow that just seems better.