The Internet needs a new Facebook


Facebook. Just about everyone with a computer is on it. Well, I can only assume. With it being worth $5 billion dollars, you can say its popular. There have been many versions of the social juggernaut hub. Each being more complicated then the last. Sure Google has tried to dip its toes in the water, but I don't think they have tried hard enough. Commercials are a start, adding it to their Android powered smartphones is another. But it seems the search engine king hasnt really gone toe to toe. What can they do? Well they dont have to do anything. But I think we're ready,wanting, expecting something less complicated. Some of Facebooks UI is just hard to navigate through.For example : When I click on something as simple as "Find Friends", I get an option to enter my email address and it will find friends for me. Ok that's great, but couldn't I just enter a name in the search bar that's always on top from the "homepage"? Facebook is littered with this.Starting from scratch is the only way to go. Lets try to piece one together, shall we?

First, what is a social network? From looking at some of the big networks, it has: thoughts, videos, moments, photo sharing, customizable profile, some kind of chat intergration, a friends list, and a way of connecting to other people. Why do you need more? Sure casual games are fun. But it doesnt really connect you to friends in the network, other than flooding their "social stream" with needless data. So lets cut that out. Snip!

Second, what can we add? Well, we can add lots of things. But that defeats the purpose of building a intuitive network. More is less. Remember this quote? Lets add a Messenger program type service like AIM, or Google Talk. Get rid of the webpage entirely, and have it run like a messenger program. You could sign in. Then it would have that infamous status bar. Maybe a ticker showing off the latsts "posts". Sure it could get flooded with these, but maybe have them no show after a certain period of time. Or click what kind of posts you only want to see. For example: check-ins, thoughts, photos, videos, status updates, important information. (births, birthdays, life changing events) It seems most facebook streams can get cut fairly short with this. Honestly I dont care where someone is and when they arrived. I know they're just going to post a photo or a random thought about the situation anyway. Right? So we're adding a program and unique stream filters.

Third, how do i know whos on? Remember back in the day how you got your friends AIM, or whatever messenger program handle? You just ask them."Add friend", click, enter a name, done! Instantly added to your friends list. Seemed like messenger programs had it right from the start. They just lacked the mass social feature. You had tons of friends on your list, but they couldnt be social with anyone else the way these networks do.

This is just me trying to rant on the complicity of Facebooks UI. I cant really go into depth on the subject, because i would be here forever nitpicking. Google has the right approach by making their products more simple on their applications. Sure Apple can be credited to this as well. Maybe Apple should try their hands at it? Im not going to leave this on "Apple needs to make a social network". But rather, I want a more simple "Facebook". What ideas would you want cut out, or put in into your "Facebook"?