What's the point of the new iPad?

New 2012 iPad 3rd Generation Review (HD) (via LogicallyHank)

So I've been using the new iPad for a little while now, and I've come to a very important conclusion: This is the tablet that Apple should have released last year. Other than the retina display, 4G support, and the improved camera, nothing has changed. That's not it. LTE support is only available to people who buy the cellular version, choose to pay the monthly fee, and live in a LTE area, which is an extremely small minority of the people who use the iPad. The improved back facing camera, seems like a fairly pointless upgrade, only useful in the most extreme of situations. Unless you pride yourself in flaunting your 10 inch tablet as your point-and-shoot replacement, the improved 5 megapixel camera isn't useful to the average user. So that leaves the retina display, right? No. The retina display looks nice, but it's certainly no where near as noticeable as the iPhone 4's retina display. I'm not saying it doesn't look as nice; When you hold both of the devices side by side, the colors and overall clarity of the new iPad's display actually looks better than the iPhone 4/4S's. The problem is that your eyes are focusing on a larger area and it become difficult to remember how high resolution the new iPad's screen is after a few minutes. Breakthrough technology shouldn't be something that you need to remember, it should be something that reminds you how magical it is. Oh, and that improved A5X processor, extra 512MB of RAM, and extra battery capacity? All it does is compensate and help the iPad handle the new Retina display. The only other somewhat notable feature that was added in the new iPad is the new voice dictation feature, but I still can't fathom why Apple didn't bring this to the iPad 2 in iOS 5.1. Overall, I feel that if Apple would have released the tablet last year, it would have been revolutionary and magical, but releasing it now and trying to convince us that it's faster, and infinitely better than before is simply insulting. And Apple is the best at being simple.