The Sony SmartWatch is an intriguing device — a secondary display for your Android-powered handset that provides quick access to notifications from select apps and services on your phone. It’s also able to show you who's calling or texting, control music, and even tell the time. There's been a growing trend for products like this over the past few months, from the WIMM One to Fossil’s MetaWatch, but Sony’s is one of the first of this latest wave (along with the inPulse) to make it to the general public.

Sony’s range of LiveWare accessories certainly offer a unique take on connected headsets and wearable interfaces for your Android phone, but they've previously been hit-and-miss-affairs, generally seen as great ideas that don’t quite fulfil their promise. The SmartWatch is the latest in this line, a follow-up to the LiveView that was released around a year and a half ago. The older model offered similar features, but was critically panned for being unresponsive, unreliable, and utterly useless if it lost connection with the phone. Sony has made plenty of changes in this iteration, but the price went up too — the SmartWatch comes in at $149.99, almost double the $79.99 of its predecessor. Are phone-connected watches finally growing up, and is the SmartWatch worth the extra cash? Read on to find out.