As OS X developers spend a bit more time with the recently-released Mountain Lion Developer Preview 2, they're finding more new features in the update. First off, the iCloud tab syncing feature that we heard about in the first Mountain Lion Developer Preview is now functional. MacRumors found that Safari now contains a little iCloud button next to the address bar that hold tabs opened on other devices running iCloud, so you don't have to even bother bookmarking pages on an iOS device if you want to go pick them up on your Mac. From some screenshots making the rounds, it looks like tabs will be divided by device — so if you have an iPad and iPhone, you'll see open tabs from both devices.

Additionally, 9to5Mac has found that Twitter alerts are now showing up in the OS X Notification Center as well. This isn't a huge surprise, but the new Notification Center needs all the third-party app support it can get to become useful. The Reminders app also has a new iOS-inspired feature: you can now set location-specific reminders. This feature wasn't enabled in the first Mountain Lion Developer Preview, but again we're not surprised to see this headlining iOS feature make its way to OS X. While none of these are game-changing features, they all sound like useful refinements to Apple's next desktop OS.