We first heard about LG's glasses-free 3D laptop back at CES, but the company is now officially launching the Xnote A540 series of laptops in Korea. The most noteworthy of the new trio is probably the A540-H, which contains a glasses-free screen; LG also built in "eye-tracking" technology that supposedly follows the viewer's movements and adjust the 3D video appropriately. There's also a feature that translates normal 2D content into 3D, though we're not going to put too much stock in the quality of this conversion without seeing it for ourselves. Other specs include a Core i7 processor (of an unspecified speed) and a GeForce GT555M graphics chip; there's unfortunately no word on the screen's resolution.

LG is also offering a model (the A540 T/D) with a 1080p, 3D screen which requires glasses, as well as a non-3D model (the A540-P) with a 1080p, IPS screen. All three models have 4.1-channel audio, aluminium bodies, 15.6-inch screens, and a "pebble" keyboard with numberpad. As for pricing, the glasses-free laptop starts at ₩2.25 million (about $2,000), while the IPS model starts at ₩1.93 million (about $1,700) and the standard 3D model coming in at ₩1.7 million (about $1,500). There's no word on when these laptops will make their way to the US, but LG said that they would be introduced worldwide in Q1 of this year — hopefully we won't have to wait long.