We heard last week that UK carrier O2 was planning to have the HTC One X in stock on April 5th, and some third-party retailers have corroborated that release date on their pre-order pages for the One X and One S. According to Amazon UK, both the One X and One S are "due to be released" on April 5th. The company is currently taking pre-orders for both devices; the One X goes for £499.99 in grey and £489.99 in white; the black version of the One S is selling for £439.99 and the grey version isn't yet available. That works out to almost $800 for the One X and almost $700 for the One S. UK retailer Clove shows the same timing for these devices, claiming they'll launch on April 5th. Pre-order pricing at Clove is a little different, but in the same range: the One X is selling for £492 and the One S for £450.

As for the less-heralded HTC One V, Amazon and Clove are both pegging it for an April 26th launch; pre-order prices are £249.99 and £264, respectively (right around $400). While pre-order pricing and launch dates are always subject to change, its looking increasingly likely that HTC's new flagship devices will be available in early April, to those in the UK at least — we're still waiting on concrete info on when AT&T and T-Mobile will start selling these highly anticipated handsets.