Do you hate gifs and image macros in the comments?

If so, I hate you.

Just kidding. I don't hate anyone (really!) I've just been seeing a lot of complaining about the images in the comments and I just have to state my preference for the freedom of posting these things in the comments—which the Verge, among few websites of its type, grants—with the trade-off that at times I'll see something nonsequitur, gross, or stupid. Clearly some are less willing to pay this price, but this is misguided. It's like, "Oh noes! I has been forced to look at a cartoon character dancing!" I mean, really? This is something you are complaining about?? This is the worst thing that happened to you today?

Yes I realize it seems to cause performance issues for some of you but there are performance issues site-wide, and turning off images in the comments would really not help all that much.

Look, if you can live in a country where the law holds you innocent until proven guilty, even when you are actually guilty, then I am sure you can live with an otherwise mostly-awesome website where we're allowed to communicate our thoughts with more-or-less sillly, but often trenchant, images...with the risk that some will abuse the privilege with less-than-interesting content.

So enough with the repetitive comments about how "the gifs have got to stop blah blahx blag." If you're completely unwilling to pay the price of seeing annoying comments...well you can finish this sentence.

(and yes I realise my own criticism holds just as little weight compared to having a basic human right such as presumed innocence, but the difference is not really complaining. I'm "just sayin’". I'll keep coming back, howevermuch get-off-my-lawn type whining I see here, as long as the original content is worthwhile. I would be in support a function where you can set comments to be visible/hidden by default in profile preferences).