Apple's support forums are a pretty great resource for those who have questions or need to troubleshoot their products, but they have traditionally been kept fairly separate from the meat of Apple's website. However, that's starting to change with the launch of "answers from the community," a new section of Apple's online store that provides answers to frequently asked questions sourced directly from Apple's support forums. If you click on the iPad, iPhone, or any of the Mac computers in Apple's online store, you'll see the top questions for each product as well as a more general "popular topics" area — it looks like all the questions and answers are pulled directly from Apple's support forums (since many are months or even years old), although all of the content lives at new URLs and doesn't link back to the forums in any way.

It's also worth noting that each Mac doesn't have its own individual Q&A section; questions for all computers, from the Mac Pro down to the Mac Mini, are all grouped together. As such, there are over 1,300 questions in the Mac section compared to only six for the iPad and four for the iPhone. There's also no section for iPod or Apple TV questions; while these products are clearly second citizens compared to the iPhone and IPad these days, we wouldn't be surprised to see Q&A sections added for both product lines sooner than later. Apple is clearly trying to make on-the-fence customers more likely to purchase by giving them a quick and easy way to find answers to their questions, but it's still good to see the vast amounts of information found in its forums get a little more attention.