Sony's new A57 DSLR should be launching sometime next month, but if you just can't wait to see more about this camera, Engadget China recently got a chance to take it for a spin. There aren't a lot of details that Sony didn't already tell us about, but since we haven't seen many images of the A57 in the flesh, these images are definitely checking out. While the A57 is significantly larger than its predecessor, the A55, there aren't a ton of immediately obvious physical changes. Still, there's lot of detail to take in here, including close-up shots of the A57's translucent mirror (see the photo above) and swiveling LCD.

Engadget China also got to take a few test shots with the camera and try out Sony's gargantuan 500mm F/4 super telephoto lens, the SAL500F40G. In particular, there's a couple images comparing the field of view of a 40mm lens to the 500mm which do a great job of illustrating just how massive the reach of this lens is. Both the camera and the lens will be available soon, so we're looking forward to seeing more from Sony's latest.