It's not every day an external hard drive gets a software update, much less one that could actually change your decision to buy a drive, but that's exactly what just happened to Seagate's GoFlex Satellite. While the Wi-Fi tablet and laptop companion storage device originally got an estimated five hours of battery life and monopolized your wireless internet connection while in use, software version lets you stay connected to the drive and surf the web at the same time thanks to Wi-Fi passthrough, and allegedly also bumps up the battery life to an estimated seven hours of runtime.

You'll also be able to connect more than three devices at a time to the external storage device, scroll through media more quickly with A-Z lists, and easily swap to Android's native media player to view content instead of the Seagate specific app. Kingston's Wi-Drive already had Wi-Fi passthrough, but only a comparatively paltry 16GB or 32GB of storage on tap. With this new update, the 500GB Seagate GoFlex Satellite might make more sense for you. That is, unless you're holding out for an LTE model.