What do you Love about Mac?

Seen a "What do you love about Windows" post in the Microsoft forum and thought that it would be interesting to hear peoples thoughts on your love of Mac/OS .

For me its these key things:

  • Attention to detail: From the hardware to the OS to the built in apps, Apple has an unrivaled attention to detail.
  • Beautiful Design: Apple hardware design is top notch. I feel like my MacBook Pro is a work of art. Its beautiful.
  • OS X is simple yet powerful: OS X is very easy to use yet has a powerful command line and can do anything a Windows machine can do and look pretty do it.
  • Hardware Innovation: Seriously, NO ONE makes a trackpad like Apple. The screen lid's are ridiculously thin. And the magsafe power adapter is just frickin Genuis
  • iLife: iPhoto is one of the most beautiful apps I've ever seen. iMovie and Garageband are dead simple and still very powerful tools.
  • The developers: Mac doesn't have nearly as many as Apps as Windows HOWEVER the Apps Mac has (it has plenty) are generally well designed and have great UI's.
  • Predictability: My Mac is fairly predictable. It doesn't slow down after time and it just works.

What about you?