"Most people look at the internet as magic, they don't care to acknowledge the actual physical infrastructure that's moving that data." These are the words of Isaac Wilder, social activist, and one of the directors (along with partner Charles Wyble) of the Free Network Foundation — the subject of the feature documentary Free the Network premiering next month on Vice's Motherboard site. Wilder and his "Freedom Tower" (a 9-foot radio tower) gained attention when they provided free Wi-Fi access to Occupy protesters at Zuccotti Park in New York last year, but the Free Network Foundation has much loftier aims — a global, decentralized network that can't be censored or shut down. The plan starts simply enough, with individuals buying internet access collectively and sharing it, but the organization's end game is totally user-owned fiber backbones. It's a tall order to be sure, but a very interesting project, and one that we're looking forward to hearing more about.