Samsung's hero Android device, the Galaxy S II, will see the launch of its successor this April, reports ZDNet Korea. Claiming to have confirmed the details of the launch with Cheil Worldwide, Samsung's marketing partner, ZDNet says we'll see the United Kingdom and the upcoming Olympics playing a crucial part in the upcoming launch and promotion of the Galaxy S III. There are naturally no specs listed, but the categorical nature of the report makes it sound like Samsung's plans are already set and the wheels are in motion for the reveal of the next great Android handset next month.

We reached out to Samsung for comment and were met with the boilerplate "Samsung does not comment on rumors or speculation" response. So this is definitely not an official confirmation, but a release timeline starting in April would make a lot of sense to us.

ZDNet also reports that Samsung is completing work on a so-called Samsung Card application for mobile payments, which we should be seeing debut on the Galaxy S III. Samsung's motivation for not revealing the GS III at MWC is said to have been so that its competitors don't see and copy its latest design before the company is ready to release the product. April has been chosen as a way to balance that concern against the desire to launch the Galaxy S III before Apple has had a chance to unveil the next iPhone.