I Showed Windows 8 to My Mom and She Said . . .

I wanted to do an experiment yesterday using Windows 8 because of some of the talk of how people who are not tech-savvy will have a lot of trouble with Windows 8. I personally, think Windows 8 will be easier for the "average" person to use, but I wanted to test it in a real way.

My mom uses a computer to pay bills and read news. That's pretty much it. She owns an iPhone, but she doesn't know how to put music on it. She gets confused about how to save a file sometimes, and I'm pretty sure she doesn't know how to attach a file to an email. So that's her level of technological expertise.

Yesterday, I turned on my laptop and booted into Windows 8. I was like, "hey Mom, this is what the next version of Windows will be like." She looked interested so I showed her the mail app I had configured, the calendar app, the People app, and the Music app. I spent a couple of minutes showing her how the "What's New" section in the People app housed updates from various networks of friends.

I went about the whole approach as a check this out kinda thing. I wasn't doing a sales presentation, and I didn't add any opinion to the mix. I just showed her what it looked like, and I showed her a few of the baked in apps in the Consumer Preview.

She literally, asked me how much it was going to cost and when could we get it. If Windows 8 can be successful in being more accessible to people like my mom while providing the power and stability of Windows 7 for me (I like Metro too), then I think it has a fighting chance of doing quite well.