Windows 8 Consumer Preview - What Do You Like?

So I'm looking through the forums here in the Tribe, and I can't seem to find a centralized hub of what people like about the new OS. I've seen threads about showing the new user interface to casual users, and plenty of nitpicks (which is actually constructive if Microsoft is listening), but it also helps companies and designers to tell them what you like about their new ideas. That being said; I'll kick off this thread with my three most favorite improvements:

  1. Native mounting of disk images: This should make software installation on computers with no optical drives a cinch. This is really nice for netbook users and those laptop users that turned their optical drive bay into a second hard drive mount. I don't know how nice game content protection schemes, like SecuRom, plays with this (as I haven't tested it out yet, I'll be doing that tomorrow). How do you use it? Right-click the image, click "Mount". It's as simple as it should be, and it works!
  2. Metro design language: It does what Microsoft says it does, puts content first. I never have a hard time finding what I need. Of course, I barely had this issue on the desktop UI, but there are some poorly designed apps out there. It will be interesting to see how (or if) content creation apps use this new language, especially media programs like Premiere or Photoshop.
  3. Backwards compatibility: I just don't like losing the ability to run all my old stuff. I will add a really small suggestion here though, if the old desktop apps are run in a "virtualized sandboxed desktop environment" (if you can picture OS X Lion's full-screening to separate desktops, and sandboxing each instance), Microsoft can chuck the desktop icon and just run the new Start screen on the traditional PC platform.
So, what do you guys like?