Intel/AMD or ARM

(I do apologize if a similar post to this one was made but I could not find one so I decided to create one)

I was going to save this post for a while but I decided to post it now. So, Intel/AMD or ARM?


With Intel Processors, all legacy Windows apps will be supported. There wont be any comparability issues that ARM will cause and future developers will still develop for the platform. There are some downsides though. Intel processors (so I have heard) will not be able to compete with ARM in terms of battery life. Intel is also known to be more expensive than ARM but they do provide great processing power and reliability.


With ARM processors, Microsoft's true vision of a tablet OS will be complete. Long battery life can be expected and with the low costs of ARM processors, tablets could possibly be relatively cheap (or so we hope). However, there wont be any support for the four million apps currently available for the PC which is what makes this tablet/desktop OS stand out from the crowd, being able to play simple apps and games but also supporting programs such as Adobe Photoshop and high end video games.

Which do you pick?

I am curious to know what the people of the Tribe think. Intel or ARM? I honestly don't know which one to choose. I want the long battery life in a tablet but I also want to be able to do everything I can do with my laptop (the ASUS Transformer Prime will be my top pick for it does have the extra battery keyboard dock but I don't know if I should get it with Intel or ARM granted it comes with both).

If you have any information on Intel's upcoming processors, please do post a link. I'm getting confused with all of this "Clover Trail" and "Sandy Bridge" and I'm not sure which one will be comparable to ARM interms of battery life.