It's not often that a company will explain why it parts ways with executives, but in the case of two employees who handled marketing for Bing, Microsoft apparently feels that full disclosure is the best option. Eric Hadley and Sean Carver were both fired after an internal investigation revealed they had not followed guidelines related to relationships with outside vendors, Microsoft says. Neither Hadley nor Carver have made a public statement as of this writing, but here's what Microsoft had to say to AdAge on the matter:

We can confirm that as the result of an investigation, Eric Hadley and Sean Carver's employment with Microsoft has been terminated for violation of company policies related to mismanagement of company assets and vendor procurement.

Hadley was general manager of marketing for Bing while Carver was director of consumer marketing. Both had worked together in making a documentary of Dr. Richard Bing that appeared at the Sundance Film Festival in 2010 (picture above, Hadley and Carver at a party there). We'll let you know if we can uncover more details on what exactly happened that caused Microsoft to act, but in the meantime GeekWire reports that Mike Nichols, a general manager at Microsoft, will be taking over their responsibilities.