The Beginning of THE END (Mass Effect 3)

There's a moment when myself and Garrus are in the Main Battery. Talking, reflecting, trying to find some sense of solace in this mess of a situation. I realize that my Shepard, and Garrus are emotionally, nearing their limits. I am of course talking about a specific moment in Mass Effect 3. It's these little moments, that make this game a triumph in every possible way. When it come to the ending however... As I'm sure you've found out or read about (almost to the point of exhaustion), the ending to this series (which may be one of the most important in gaming) has been met with resistance. I'll admit, upon first finishing the game, I can't say I quite 'took' to it. It didn't leave me 'satisfied'. I didn't feel like it was enough. That being said. I don't want it changed.

Now I've commented on The Verge forums about what I think happened. So I won't go into that. Let me explain why I don't want it changed. First I feel that, no matter what the ending could or would have been, everyone would still be upset. Even if my Shepard waltzed into the sunset with Ashley, smoldering Reapers abound, someone (or group) would have still complained. Why, well frankly they don't want it to be over. I've written on here before about Mass Effect and the bittersweet feeling of saying 'goodbye' to this universe, I doubt others were as prepared. No matter what you would never be satisfied with it. Which in and of itself is a testament to how I feel this game is a prime example of ART. Yes the ending has had it problems, inconsistencies, that seemed out of left field. Trust me, I of all people get it. But unless what I thought the ending turns out to be true, leave it alone. I feel like you're ignoring the other 99% of the game. I feel like you're ignoring the ride. So focused on how it ended or how YOU wanted it to end. I even hear how people are bringing up the DLC into the argument. That has nothing to do with it. Because the real issue is about ART.

Mass Effect is art. The moment the artist starts letting the fans dictate what art the artists put out, is the moment they stop becoming artists. I don't want that. I don't want the masses dictating how or what is involved. That is not what I pay for. That is not why I support this industry. I don't want them to listen to 'people'. A person is capable of smart, rational, independent thought. People, fueled by anger, disappointment, fear, are panicky animals and every one of you knows it. I can respect the opinions of a person. As I'm sure Bioware does. But to ask them to change their art for the sake of you, is probably one of the most selfish things I've ever heard of. As I've said, I didn't respond to the ending, but i would never go so far as to tell them it needs to be changed. Nor take up legal action (not a joke, someone did that), threaten, or anything of the like.

Art doesn't have to agree with you. Neither do the artists. Your reaction to the art doesn't always have to be positive. But as a fan of this particular form of art, I have to say I'm somewhat embarrassed personally at the display, and (what seems like) mass hysteria to the reaction to the ending. And suppose they did change it. Where does it end? Will every aspect of a finished product be liable to this act? Can we go back and change the ending to the Matrix? What about when House M.D. is off the air? If I dislike the final episode can I call Hugh Laurie? You see if ONLY for the precedent it sets, the ending has to stay. And ending aside, that disk spinning in your system contains art. Some of the best in fact, enjoy it. Seriously, ENJOY it.