Google's planned purchase of Motorola Mobility has gotten approval from the US government, the Europe Commission, and all other required regions except China. Unfortunately for Google, China isn't any closer to approving the deal — according to an SEC filing, China's Anti-Monopoly Bureau has just extended the second phase of its investigation into the proposed purchase. The filing indicates that Google is working closely with the Anti-Monopoly Bureau and that it still expects the deal to close in the first half of 2012.

A Tokyo-based spokesperson for Google echoed these sentiments in a statement to Bloomberg, which said that Google is continuing to "work closely with regulators in China on their review of our planned acquisition, which will enhance competition, bringing consumers faster innovation and more choice." That all sounds great for consumers, but don't forget that a big part of Google's motivation getting its hands on Motorola's patent portfolio to help defend Android against lawsuits from Apple. While Google certainly would like this approval to happen sooner than later, it's worth noting that the European Commission paused its investigation to conduct further research before making a decision. It looks like these types of delays are not necessarily a sign that the deal is in danger.