HD camcorder for under £130/$210

I have three requirements for a camcorder:-

  1. Picture quality to be the best it can be for the price (I'm under no illusions- it won't be amazing for that price!)
  2. Wind cut off for the mic (or ext. mic)
  3. At least 10x Optical zoom
  4. Under £130/$210
This is for a wedding and it's a big church and the guy filming this will be at back for some of it. The groom is probably going to wear a wire so he can record what the bride and him are saying. I'm not adverse to buying one second hand if I'm getting better value for money. This Samsung would be perfect if it had wind cut off. The reception will be partly filmed outdoors if it's a nice day. It would be annoying if all a can hear i the wind in the video. Battery life isn't an issue. Gonna buy separate charger and battery anyway. No tape media. No DVD/CD recording. Any ideas PEOPLE?!?!!