There's already a number of 2TB external hard drives on the market, but Western Digital's new 2TB My Passport looks like a nice combination of massive storage capacity and small size. Unlike other 2TB external drives on the market, the new My Passport runs on a 2.5-inch hard drive, giving Western Digital's offering a footprint of only 4.37 by 3.24 inches. While Western Digital's claim that its new drive is the first "portable" 2TB drive is a little dubious (existing offerings aren't exactly chained to your desk), that much storage in the palm of your hand should be an enticing offering for a lot of users. Unsurprisingly, the drive contains a USB 3.0 connection so you can move massive amounts of data on and off this drive with relative easy (compared to USB 2.0, anyway) — most Mac users will be left without a high-speed option, though.

While the new capacity is the main story here, all of the My Passport series of drives have been refreshed with a new exterior design that the company claims is more resistent to scratches and fingerprints; they also come in a range of five colors. In addition to the 2TB option, Western Digital is offering these drives in 500GB, 750GB, and 1TB capacities, starting at $129.99. This portability will come at a price premium: the new 2TB model costs $249.99, about double what the company's 2TB My Book model will set you back.