Windows 8: Too much is hidden

There has been much criticism of Windows 8 through these forums, some of which I agree with but most I can't. For me, though, the one huge problem that Windows 8 has is that everything is hidden.

Too many key menus and UI elements are only available on right-click or hovering the mouse in a hotspot (or swiping with a touchscreen). It took me a while to find everything and work out what they do, so how people like my Mum who are far from tech-efficient are going to find and understand them is beyond me.

I understand why they are so, as Metro style strips away all Chrome to provide a clean interface.

An important addition would be the three-dot slider that Windows Phone uses to signify a hidden menu. It takes up next to no screen estate, fits the Metro style perfectly but makes it clear there is a menu there to be revealed.

It would also allow left-clicking to reveal, much more natural (I hate right-clicking especially on laptop).



My partner used my laptop with Windows 8 and for the first couple of days told me how much he hated it. A week or so later he's learnt more about how it works and appreciates it much more.

Just finding log in was hard enough, learning to swipe up. After a couple of failed attempts at clicking Windows should offer a visual indication that a swipe/drag is required.

I think it's also vital that Windows offers a tutorial on first start-up (and option to relaunch it) given the radical change from Aero to Metro.

How would you make Metro easier to use?